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CCPS COVID-19 Response

At Coastal Christian Preparatory School, we are committed to continuing to assist families in the emotional, spiritual, academic, and physical development of our students during this unprecedented time. Our CCPS Health & Safety Plan is designed to offer the safest environment possible for our students, Faculty, and Staff. Our small class sizes and the diligence of our dedicated team allow us to continue to be engaged with each student and provide personalized instruction in our classrooms on campus each day.


At Coastal Christian Preparatory School, our mission is to assist families in raising children to their God-given potential emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically. We believe this balanced approach prepares students with a strong foundation for lifelong success.

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Coastal Christian has been proudly serving the Mt. Pleasant area since 1953. We would love to serve you and your family, as well.

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Advantages of a Small School Environment

At Coastal Christian, we view our small size as an excellent advantage for our students.


As a small school, Coastal uses innovative instructional strategies associated with higher student performance to help students succeed beyond their limitations. Individualized instruction, an integrated curriculum, multi-age grouping, small-group skills sessions, cooperative learning, and daily performance reviews are just a few of the powerful strategies we use at Coastal Christian to help our students achieve their absolute best. With such a personalized learning experience, it is no wonder that students at Coastal thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.



Coastal students are held to high classroom expectations in this small school setting. Our teachers expect excellent performance from their students because they know them so well and are personally invested in their success. Because our students work so hard in the classroom and have strong teacher oversight throughout the school day, our students have less daily homework outside of the classroom than other schools. We recognize the value of time with family and activities outside of school in developing the whole child, and we use classroom time to its maximum potential to support that development.



At Coastal, students take ownership in their personal learning and in their entire school experience. Our students recognize that they are a valued part of the school community.

Their learning activities are more individualized and relevant to their learning level and learning style, taking into account personal backgrounds and past experiences outside of school. Student attitudes toward school in general and toward particular school subjects tend to be more positive in small schools, and we certainly find this to be true at Coastal.



At Coastal Christian, each student belongs to an even bigger family.  Each child is known by peers and teachers throughout the school, creating strong, positive relationships across grade levels and across ages. These relationships help develop confidence and positive self-esteem that students carry with them beyond the school setting and past these formative years.



Students in small schools have the opportunity to develop stronger, closer relationships between other students, teachers, and administrators.  In small schools, all students have the opportunity to know one another. The older students accept leadership roles and mentor younger students. Younger students look up to older students as positive role models. The adults know and care about each student to a greater degree than is possible in large schools. At Coastal Christian, you are certainly more than a student; you are a part of a close and caring family.


Advantages of a K2 - 8 Program

The preschool – Grade 8 private school environment provides excellent opportunities for student leadership and growth without the distractions that other school settings present.

Our Middle School Creates Leaders.

As the oldest students on campus, our middle school students assume the leadership responsibilities within the school. They are the role models and mentors for the entire student body. This responsibility helps build self-esteem and confidence, positioning these students for a smooth transition as they move on to high school.

Our Middle School Students are Prepared.

Throughout Middle School, students are developing and defining their personal strengths and interests. Often a passion for a certain subject  or a particular subject area has emerged. This self-knowledge makes it easier to determine the best “match” for high school, and we know that each of our Coastal graduates will be prepared to excel at the next level.

Our Middle School is a Family.

In a small program, we are able to cultivate a close-knit community across grades. Our Middle School students are less influenced by their immediate peers, and more heavily influenced by their entire school family. Because every student and adult  knows one another, our students exhibit greater confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging; all of which are important during a child’s formative years.

Our Middle School is Safe.

Our K2 – 8 model allows our Middle School students to learn in a safe environment, without the pressures of high school or influences of older students. Acting as the oldest students on campus, our Middle School students assume their leadership and mentoring roles with confidence. 

Our Middle School Students are a Shining Light.

By the end of grade 8, with a strong spiritual foundation, a solid learning base, and well-developed friendships, our students are ready to spread their wings and shine their light in the world. We know our Coastal graduates will be ready for a lifetime of Kingdom-building service.


What does Coastal Christian have to offer your child?


  • At Coastal we offer small class sizes to support the individual student.
  • We challenge students outside of the classroom through SCISA athletics and activities.
  • Academic support is offered through the GRACE Program and the Orton- Gillingham Center of Charleston.
  • DRIVEN, our on-site behavior intervention program, offers a plan for student challenges as well.
  • We believe in teaching the whole child and challenging each student to reach their God-given potential within a small school setting.

A word from our Leadership Team:

Our Leadership Team has chosen the following Scripture passage as our focus for the upcoming school year: “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John 13:34-35 NLT)

This verse reminds us of the importance of showing love to those around us and recognizing that this love source resembles that of our Father in Heaven. As Christians, our actions and words are viewed as a direct reflection of the love of Christ. It is with great responsibility that we choose each carefully to honor His love and to lead others on the path to knowing Him. As we take steps to be a disciple of Christ, our own purpose and good works become clearly visible to others, guiding them as well. This is the message that God has placed on our hearts from His Word. Our hope and prayer for this school year is that each of us can show the love of Christ to those around us and that we can use that display of love to guide others to Christ.

So now I am giving you a new commandment: 

Love one another. 

Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

-John 13:34-35 (NLT) 


Looking for something different for your student?

Coastal has a lot to offer! 

Small classes; missions focus; SCISA athletics and activities; committed, Christian teachers

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…educating students emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically for a lifetime of Kingdom-building service.

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