SummerCamp Enrichment Program

Are you excited for SummerCamp 2020?

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Coastal Christian SummerCamp Enrichment Program (SCEP):

Engaging activities with caring counselors

in a Christian environment

Bring your friends! Join the fun!

Everyone is welcome…from K3* Graduates to 5th Grade Graduates,

regardless of what school you attend!


Please click through the different weeks below to see what this

summer looks like at Coastal Christian SummerCamp!

(If you are a K2 CCPS Graduate, you can also join the FUN!)


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Join the FUN at Coastal Christian this summer.


Enjoy the ADVENTURE of our SummerCamp Enrichment Program!




Interested in learning more? Read below for a week-by-week breakdown of this summer’s exciting activities, or click here for a printable document with all of the information you’ll need for a one-of-a-kind fantastic summer!




Field Trips: We LOVE learning in the real-world! Our amazing SummerCamp field trip adventures may include Sky Zone, The USS Yorktown, bowling, movies, county playgrounds and water parks, the beach, Crossfit Wando, carriage rides, Nature Adventure Outfitters, Wild Blue Ropes, Charleston Zip Line Adventures, SC Aquarium, and The Children’s Museum… to name just a few.






**All Camp Sessions are led by fully-credentialed CCPS teachers and seasoned Camp Counselors.**



Registration Quicklinks Open March 23!

You may use the links below to register for your Camp Sessions and CampCare:

(You will be asked to complete one form for each Camp Session registration.)


Session 1 - June 1 - 5

(June 3-7) Welcome Summer! (All Campers):

This week is all about water…and sun…and GAMES! We’re talkin’, water parks, beach time, and watermelon seed spittin’! In addition to an enormous Field Day course, our giant tarp will host our annual tug-of-war and water challenges.

Pre-K is never outdone when it comes to water play and will join the fun with sprinklers, sand art, and so much more!

Three cheers for SUMMER!! We can’t wait to kick off SUMMER FUN with YOU!

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Session 2- June 8-12

(June 10 – 14)  Charleston Staycation! (2K – 3K – 4K)/ Tourists in Our Own Town! (5K – 5th Grade)

Let’s explore our beautiful hometown!

While our Pre-K campers are engaging in Lowcountry lore and exploring Charleston history through arts, crafts, stories, and games, our 5K – 5th Graders will be enjoying Carriage Rides throughout downtown Charleston and visiting historical museums, plantations, and our wonderful local parks. 

By the end of this week, our Campers will never want to leave their hometown!

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Session 3 - June 15-19

(June 17-21)  Sports and/ or Hip-Hop! Week : (Campers’ Choice)

Calling all Sports Fans! Back by popular demand, we are bringing back our Sports Sampler week! Campers will focus on multiple sports– basketball, flag football, soccer, and kickball, to name a few. Friday will be Athlete’s Choice, where a popular vote will determine the sport of the day.  Ready, set, HIKE!

Dance Fever will take over our other Campers and keep them moving this week! Our Dancers will be bustin’ moves each day while they learn a new routine choreographed by a professional instructor.

Are you ready to “show us what ya got?”

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Session 4 - June 22-26

(June 24-28)  Mad Science (2K – 3K – 4K) / Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead (5K-5th Grade):

If you’re a 5K – 5th grade camper, jump on board for a week of hands on projects and experiments aimed straight for the brain! This week will be all about experiments, ingenuity, and unbridled creativity. Testing, building, charting, and exploring…no brains will be turning to mush this week! For our pre-schoolers, we will be donning goggles, getting in touch with our wacky sides, and delving into science of the messy kind.

If it oozes, poofs, pops, or fizzes, our Mad Little Scientists will be all in!  

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Session 5 - July 6-10

(July 8-12) Into the Wild Nature Camp!

(AfterCamp closes at 3:00 this week due to VBS):

Are you ready to go Into the Wild?? This session will allow Campers to get up close and personal with nature! Grab your favorite camera and buckle your seatbelt for a wild ride into seven animal habitats, where Campers may catch a glimpse of the tip of a tail or a flash of color racing through the terrain. 

Our Campers will don their binoculars and look for birds and flying insects as they explore Nature Trails and Wildlife Preserves on campus and around town.

Be sure to fill your canteen and wear your hiking boots this week! You will not want to get left behind!

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Session 6 - July 13-17

(July 15-19) Fitness Fun for Everyone! (All Campers)

Whether you’re sweatin’ to the oldies or pumping iron, being fit should be FUN! 

Our Campers will be joined by their own Personal Trainers who are ready to encourage our Campers to perform their best. Our Campers will complete challenging work outs designed especially for young bones and muscles…and they will soar to new heights at SkyZone or Velocity Sports!

Back on campus, healthy competition will reign with Pre-K group game times focused around obstacle courses and great feats of fitness.

Stetch & Grow will also be joining our PreK campers for a week of health and exercise centered games and group activities. Projects for everyone will include making tasty and nutritious snacks in addition to our arts and crafts time.

We can’t wait to see how our elite Campers “score” by the end of this week!

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Session 7 - July 20-24

(July 23-27)  Fine Arts Week + End of Summer FUN! (All Campers):

As Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Without a doubt, creativity is at its best flowing from the hands of children.

This week will be all about unleashing our own creativity as we draw inspiration from the “musical and artistic greats.” We’ll make our own representations of some recognizable pieces, but we’ll also talk about techniques we can use to bring life to our own, unique masterpieces. Inspiration abounds at local art galleries and museums, and we will set off to explore these local art treasure troves.

We couldn’t end the summer without more water, so expect even more water fun this week as well!   

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EarlyCamp / AfterCamp Sevices

We know coordinating summer schedules can be difficult…and you certainly want to make sure that your child is happy and well-cared for throughout the day.

Because of this, we are excited to offer CampCare before and after each registered Camp Session.

EarlyCamp is available from 8:00- 8:30am

AfterCamp is available from 12:30 to 3:00pm or from 12:30 to 5:30pm.


You may register for extended CampCare up until the Friday before each camp begins.
You will be required to pay the fees associated with the CampCare at the time that you register for that care. 
You do not have to register for a Camp Session and extended CampCare at the same time.
For your convenience, you may wait until the Friday before your registered Camp Session to register and pay for any extended CampCare.
Please use the links below to register your camper for EarlyCamp or AfterCamp.