Cougar Athletics

Grow physically, spiritually, academically and socially.

Be a light in our community!

Honor God in everything they do on and off the court or field.

Develop their God-given talents!

At Coastal Christian students are invited to participate in all the sports offered. It’s a school where everyone can be someone, contribute, play, and excel in any level of sports.

Linda Hollingsworth, aka "Coach Happy"

CCPS offers a wide variety of sports for boys and girls at all age levels throughout each season of the school year. Our athletics program currently includes JV volleyball, JV basketball, JV cross country, pep squad, archery, and tennis. All eligible students are encouraged to be a part of our Athletics Program, and ages vary based on the sport. Our coaches teach the fundamentals of their sport, encourage leadership, strong competition, sportsmanship, respect and a love for the Lord. In the classroom, our teachers strive to support these Athletes as they teach to and develop the whole child.

While the ultimate goal of athletic competition may appear to be victory, at Coastal Christian we feel that the development of character is much more significant. These character-building traits include cooperation, team-building, supporting othersfair play, sportsmanship, and strong work ethic. With the CCPS athletics program, players are committed to acquiring strong character, in addition to acquiring strong skill.

Winning traditions are byproducts of a solid foundation. This foundation is built upon the concepts of listening to directions, communicating with others, hard work, school pride, respect of one’s self and of others, perseverance, character in action, and loyalty to the spirit of the game and one’s teammates. 

As a private school, our coaches, athletes, and parents alike must strive to ensure that our athletic teams represent themselves in a manner that is conducive to competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, and Christian values.



Cross Country

Our cross country team practices on campus, as well as in the surrounding Old Village area. They often participate in local 5K races, and compete in SCISA organized meets.

Students in 4th-8th grades are eligible to run.

JV Girls Volleyball

Our JV girls volleyball teams are competitive and motivated! The teams practice weekly and play SCISA teams in the area.


JV Girls Basketball

Our JV girls basketball team practices multiple times a week during the season, and has weekly games against SCISA area schools.

Boys Basketball

Our JV boys basketball team practices multiple times a week during the season and has weekly games against other SCISA area schools.


Our JV Cheer Squad practices multiple times a week, and cheers for our basketball teams, pep rallies and other events throughout the season. 

Pep Squad

CCPS Pep Squads is for 2nd-4th graders. The Pep Squad practices throughout the season, cheers for our basketball teams and also performs at various events throughout the school year.


Cougar Cubs

Our tiniest spirit ambassadors for students in Kindergarten-1st grade. The Cougar Cubs have a weekly practice during the season, and several performances throughout the school year.


Archery is a new sport for us at CCPS, and is for students in 5th-8th grades. We have trained coaches who will facilitate skill development with plans to participate in SCISA-sanctioned DNR events within the region. Practices are held on campus.



CCPS offers several tennis teams depending on interest. They practice several times a week, and have a weekly match during the season against area schools. All matches are coordinated by the City of Charleston School Tennis League.

We may provide the following teams based on student interest:

Red Ball: for students in Kindergarten-2nd grade

Orange Ball: for students in 3rd-5th grades

Green Ball: for students in 4th-6th grades

Yellow Ball: for students in 6th-8th grades

Orange, Green and Yellow Ball teams with a winning record compete in a city-wide tournament at the end of the season.

We have a wide array of sports that our students can be involved in during their time at Coastal. If your student wants to be involved in competitive sports, there is a place for him or her at CCPS! We also have ways for the non-athletes to be a part of the team: team managers, scorekeepers and assistants are always needed! These essential members still develop comraderie with teammates and can develop skills in a non-competitive environment.

If you don’t see the sport your child loves posted above, let us know! Based on student interest and coach availablility, we are always evaluating how to expand our program!

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