Dear Friends and Families of CCPS:

We are entering a wondrous time here at Coastal Christian Preparatory School.  It is the time when a savior was born whose life virtually changed this world forever.

IMG_2679On that same theme we have a lot to be thankful for at Coastal Christian.  A few weeks ago we had an incredible high school retreat and saw three of our students give their lives to Christ.  We experienced the Holy Spirit working throughout that two and a half day time period in a special way.  Many had questions, concerns, and even doubts about the impact and significance of Christ in their lives.  However, after placing some real hurts and concerns on the table, I saw the Holy Spirit begin to do a special work in their hearts.  As a staff we are seeking ways to nurture their thirst.

I believe that the Book of John, Chapter 3, can bring to light some of the concerns our students have.  In the first 16 verses a man named Nicodemus visits our Lord and asks a few questions.  Through the first ten verses the Lord tries to educate Nicodemus on the impact of an eternal spiritual relationship, in contrast to one based only on the earthly, physical world his religion emphasized.  Verse 3 states, “Unless a man be born again he will not see the kingdom of heaven.”  Nicodemus’s mind is centered on the physical when he asks in verse 4, “How can someone be born when they are old? Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”

I thank God for the ability we have in Christian schools such as ours to integrate the holy word of God in all we do.  I am thankful for a church such as First Baptist, Mt. Pleasant where a strong foundation of believers is present to execute God’s holy plan.  Recently our church, led by the efforts of John Mays, School Board Chairman; Dr. Dillon, Sr. Pastor; and our Board, proposed a love offering for our school.  A tremendous blessing came from this gesture which will assist CCPS in supporting specific programs at the school.

On a final note, I want to inform you that safety and security has become an extremely important facet of planning in both the church and school programs.  Through the hard work of Mr. Ron Stroh, Facilities Manager; and direction of Dr. Dillon, Sr. Pastor; and the elders of First Baptist Church, we have enhanced security measures immensely.  One extremely important goal is to have a police officer present on our campus for a minimum of four hours per school day.  This will incur a cost to the school for this semester of around $12,000.  We already have a contribution of $3600 towards this very important measure.  If school security is a passion of yours or God places it on your heart to assist us with this plan, we will appreciate whatever investment you are led to make.  If you have further questions about this initiative or would like to assist our team, please feel free to contact clipart-christmas-Christmas-Wreath-With-Red-Ribbon-Clip-Artme at (843) 884-3663 x229.

A “Merry Christmas” and Happy New Year to all of you as we continue to meditate on God’s word and seek Him in all we do.

God’s strength,


Dr. David Piccolo

Head of School

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