Everyone knows August means two-a-days.

It’s a time for a football team to come together to sweat, learn plays, and compete for starting jobs on the field. Sweaty T-shirts and smelly shoes have indicated that Coastal’s pre-season football camp has begun.

Except this year, things are a little different.

Coach JW Myers has made some connections in the community and decided our young men would benefit greatly from a change of scenery. He wanted to do something different with the team this year giving the young men a unique experience and finding different ways to push them. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Enter Iron Tribe Fitness!

Iron Tribe Fitness Mount Pleasant

Coach Myers and our young men have been attending workouts at Iron Tribe in leu of a second work-out on the field. This enables them to build strength while keeping them than engaged. Since we’re not at a full roster, this helps save preserve our bodies so we’re not constantly beating on each other through pre-season camp.

The workouts are supervised by 2 certified Iron Tribe coaches as well as the Coach Myers and any number of assistant coaches during the workouts.

The workout starts out with a dynamic warm-up consisting of plyometrics and a light warm-up. The team is then split into Varsity and JV and performs individual strength workouts. The team then comes together for the conditioning part of the workout. This is a true test of mental toughness: 8 minutes of high intensity, light & body weight exercises designed to push the team to new limits.

When it’s all said and done, the team is exhausted but full of confidence. They are beaming with pride and dripping with sweat.

It has been wonderful getting the opportunity to workout at Iron Tribe Fitness. Their facility is top of the line and their coaches are very knowledgeable. Not to mention great with the players! Even though the WOD’s are tough, our young men really enjoy the workouts and the experience.
JW Myers, Head Coach

Thank you to Corky, Cody, and Marshall from Iron Tribe for giving us a great workout! Iron Tribe is located at 1145 Johnnie Dodds Blvd in the old Blockbuster building.

Check out the photos below for a snippet from our workouts!

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