Athletics Overview

Coastal Christian Athletics

The Athletic Department at Coastal Christian Preparatory School (CCPS) views interscholastic athletics as an excellent opportunity for student growth. In every level of participation, within an organized, competitive environment, students are encouraged and challenged to excel.

Our JV athletics program includes JV volleyball, JV basketball, JV cross country, and JV cheerleading. All students in grades 5th – 8th are encouraged to be a part of our JV Athletics Program, and our teachers strive to support these Scholar Athletes as they teach to and develop the whole child.

“At Coastal Christian students are invited to participate in all the sports offered. It’s a school where everyone can be someone, contribute, play, and excel in any level of sports.”

– Linda Hollingsworth, AD

CCPS Outstanding Student Athletes


JV Girls Volleyball

Lena, Cassie, Rocio, Sophia, Annette, Ella, Hayden, Daniella


JV Cross Country

JJ, Reo, Will, Jude, Anthony, Sullivan, Lena


JV Boys Basketball

 JJ, Hunter, Mason, Will, Reo, William, Ethan, Riley, Jude, Anthony

JV Cheerleading and Pep Squad Leaders

Hayden, Sophia, Annette, Ella, London, Amelia, Daniella




While the ultimate goal of athletic competition may appear to be victory, at Coastal Christian we feel that the development of character is much more significant. These character- building traits include cooperation, team-building, supporting othersfair play, sportsmanship, and strong work ethic. With the CCPS atheletics program players are committed to acquiring strong character, in addition to acquiring strong skill.

Winning traditions are byproducts of a solid foundation. This foundation is built upon the concepts of listening to directions, communicating with others, hard work, school pride, respect of one’s self and of others, perseverance, character in action, and loyalty to the spirit of the game and one’s teammates. 

As a Private School, Athletics Coaches, athletes, and parents alike must strive to ensure that the athletic teams at CCPS represent themselves in a manner that is conducive to competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, and Christian values

Please contact our Athletic Director Linda Hollingsworth for further information regarding schedules, teams, and supporting our student-athletes.


Athletics at Coastal

We have a wide array of sports that our students can be involved in during their time at Coastal. If your student wants to be involved in competitive sports, there is a place for him or her at CCPS!

In spite of being a “small school,” our athletics program has remained competitive in volleyball, basketball, cross country and cheer.

We also have students who represent us at various other competitions such as equestrian and dance!

If you don’t see the sport you love posted above, talk to us! We would love to add more teams to our program!


Led by outstanding coaches, our JV girls’ volleyball teams are competitive and motivated.

In 2019 we had 100% participation from our Middle School girls, and many of our 5th grade girls were JV volleyball starters. 

Way to go, Lady Cougars!


The 2019-2020 season has started and our Cougars are having an amazing year both on the road and at home!


Junior Cougars

Our AfterSchool Junior Cougars program is perfect for aspiring young athletes! All boys and girls in grades 1-4 are invited to join.

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