Preschool Foundations

Preschool Foundations 2K – 4K

Coastal Christian is proud to offer one of the only credentialed full-day, Faith-based preschools in Mt. Pleasant.

Whether we open the front door for you or unload your child from the car, over and over people say that there is something special about CCPS from the very beginning of the day.

They may be referring to the family atmosphere that we take pride in cultivating from our 2 year olds right up to our graduating eighth graders. (In fact, many of our Middle School Academy students began their CCPS journey right here in our Preschool Foundations Program.)

Our youngest Cougars are taught by experienced and well-equipped Christian teachers in small classes geared toward making the most of every moment for each child. We work hard to develop nurturing classrooms where all of our students know they are loved by us and, most importantly, loved by God.

You may rest assured that your child is receiving a quality education focused on developing the whole child, emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically for Kingdom work.

In addition to classroom activities, as a part of our Preschool Foundations program, your 3s and 4s will participate in Creative Movement, PE, library, music, art, Spanish, and chapel, as well as experience a variety of field trips and guest presentations.

You can just feel it when you walk through the door – something is different at Coastal Christian. At least that’s what our parents say, and it all begins with our Preschool Foundations.

Our family moved to Mt Pleasant from across town and immediately found CCPS for our 3 year old daughter. We couldn’t have ever imagined what a blessing it would be for us all, and especially for her education with a more in-depth love of Jesus & confidence in herself.”     -CCPS Parent

For many of our youngest Cougars, the 2K Foundations Program is their first experience in a semi-structured environment. We recognize that these young learners need time to explore and learn as well as develop an awareness of boundaries. Times of free play are interspersed with group activities where social skills and cooperation are the focus.

Academically, the 2K Foundations students work on developing fine motor skills, recognizing colors and shapes, counting, appreciating stories, answering questions, and following directions.

Our youngest learners are also introduced to art, music, library, computer, physical education, and Spanish through song and play.

Bible characters, stories, and songs are an integral part of each day.

Outdoor recess on a smaller, specialty playground for younger children, encourages gross motor development in a safe and appropriate setting.

We offer a full day 2K program with an option for AfterSchool Enrichment until 6:00 pm.

Our 3K and 4K Foundations students are taught beginning phonics, emergent literacy skills, math readiness, and basic pre-writing skills. Letters and sounds, colors, shapes, and numbers are introduced in a way that makes learning fun and enjoyable. In an effort to reach every child, we use a variety of learning approaches blending thematic units with the High-Scope and Reggio- Emillia approaches to early childhood education. We also include special activities, such as: Muffins for Moms, Pajama Day, Snow Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas programs, and local mission activities. Preschoolers learn to expand their ever-growing world as they become a part of a larger group here at CCPS.

In addition to classroom learning, our Pre-school students engage in physical education, creative movement, library, music, art, computer, and Spanish activities.

Pre-K students attend a weekly Chapel service designed for pre-schoolers. Bible stories, Bible verses, prayer and songs are an integral part of daily learning to help our early learners grasp the knowledge of God, Jesus and the Holy Bible.

Our preschoolers also grow socially through interaction with classmates, learning to share, and by accepting and responding to the teacher’s guidance and direction.

Our students adapt to the learning process by being away from home and developing a loving relationship with their teacher in a safe and nurturing Christian environment.

We offer a full day 3K and 4K preschool with options for AfterSchool Enrichment until 6:00 pm.


Full-day: 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

AfterSchool Enrichment: 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM

AfterSchool Enrichment includes the supervision of children by certified instructors with structured activity, snack and free play.

AfterSchool Enrichment Programs may include: Bricks 4 Kids, Tumble Time Gymnastics, Karate, Soccer, Dance, monthly “themed” academic activities and crafts.


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