GRACE Program

(Grounded and Rooted Academically in Christ, we Excel)

The GRACE Program provides a Christ-focused learning environment for students who struggle academically in grades K5-8. The GRACE Program collaborates with classroom teachers, parents and other professionals to meet each student’s individual needs and work to implement essential accommodation plans. Through this close partnership we nurture and support these children academically to help them learn to their God-given potential.

The program is delivered during school hours both in and out of the classroom. There are different levels of service, involving differing amounts of time. An individualized plan will be drawn up for each child, following a review of individual needs. Areas to be addressed include but are not limited to:

• General academic support, including specific subject areas, organizational skills, time management
• Test preparation, review and test taking strategies
• Individual accommodation plan design and management
• Coordination between teachers, outside professionals and parents
• Others as needed by the individual


There is an additional cost to parents for the GRACE Program. Specific fees may be obtained from the Main Office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child need to be formally tested/evaluated to be a part of the GRACE Program?

Testing does provide a lot of useful information, however neither testing nor an official diagnosis are required to be a part of GRACE. We do strongly recommend these steps in order to help the student succeed.

When would my child receive GRACE instruction?

We work with the classroom teacher to coordinate the best time in your child’s schedule during the school day.

My child only struggles in one area (for example, math). Would this program be a good fit?

Because we offer multiple levels of service, this program could be exactly what your child needs to provide that extra academic support. Your child may only need assistance for an hour a week.

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