Mission & History

Our Mission

At Coastal Christian Preparatory School, our mission is to assist parents in raising children to their God-given potential emotionally, spiritually, academically, and physically for a lifetime of Kingdom-building service.


We value producing confident, secure students who celebrate their unique personalities and boldly pursue their dreams.


We value preparing students for institutes of higher education and training in order to help them fulfill God-honoring career paths through challenging academic courses.


We value providing a Christian environment where students are encouraged to love God and others and to make wise choices in life’s dilemmas.


We value developing students with strength and endurance through a variety of nutrition, health, and physical education classes, and athletic opportunities.

*Coastal Christian Preparatory School accepts all qualified students regardless of race, color or national origin. All students are afforded the same rights and privileges as provided by the school.

School History

FBC Staff

First Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant was chartered in 1917 with a primary purpose of reaching others for Christ and growing disciples for God’s glory. As the Church’s role grew over the years, the congregation moved from its original Pitt Street location in the Old Village to its present site at 681 McCants Drive, where it has been since 1964.

First Baptist Church has been meeting the needs of the East Cooper community for over 100 years, and still today, under the Godly leadership of Senior Pastor Matt Tyler, continues its focus on connecting, growing, and serving one another for Christ. With this mission in mind, FBC has led the development of other churches, such as The Church at LifePark, The Church at Sewee Bay, and King’s Cross Church.


Coastal Christian Preparatory School (CCPS) is located on a beautifully shared, 15-acre campus easily accessed in the charming Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Because our campus serves a diverse and supportive body and is home to both First Baptist of Mt. Pleasant and Coastal Christian Preparatory School, we remain mission-focused, as a 501c3 tax-deductible organization, where everyone is welcomed as a person and as a family.

CCPS was originally established as First Baptist Church School in 1953, with the primary mission of serving families within the church.

Over the years, the school expanded from a preschool and elementary program to a fully accredited institution serving students from early childhood (K2) to 8th grade for all families in the greater Charleston area. With this expansion, the name of our school changed to Coastal Christian Preparatory School to better represent all of the families we serve.

Today Coastal Christian remains a proud, accredited member of The South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) and offers outstanding academic and athletic opportunities to our students through this prestigious organization.

Always growing and expanding, in 2018, Coastal Christian proudly opened our doors to The Orton-Gillingham Center of Charleston (OGCC),  a nonprofit ministry dedicated to serving the Charleston community by providing Orton-Gillingham training and intervention. This instructional approach is intended primarily for use with individuals who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing associated with dyslexia.

CCPS offers students and their families an academically challenging environment where the love of Christ is lived out on a daily basis and service in the Kingdom is a priority. CCPS is preparing students to encounter a world and culture where Godly values and choices can be made within constantly changing cultural trends. Today, Coastal Christian Preparatory School continues to thrive as a supported ministry of First Baptist Church, in partnership with multiple churches found in the surrounding area like Deep Water IOP, St. Andrews, Seacoast, ChristChurch of Mt. Pleasant, and the Church at LifePark. Positive relationships in surrounding organizations continue to come about with our area families and leaders. 




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