We are entering the Home Stretch of this year’s race at CCPS. Only a few weeks remain in the school year. Again, we can say, “What a year it has been!”

However, God is good. We have good leadership in our Interim Headmaster, our School Board, and our Faculty and Staff. Every year I am amazed at the quality I see in our faculty, staff and students. The small class size allows both teachers and students to interact with the other for better learning and influence. I pray that we will continue to enroll students who will thrive in our environment and who will continue to make Coastal Christian a great school.

The Search committee is working to find our next Headmaster. This group of committed Christians and Coastal supporters are taking their charge seriously. They are asking the right questions and taking the right steps. Please pray for them- Donna Schnuup, Sarah White, Charles Stayer, John Mays, and Tom Seabrook. If you have any suggestions of someone who may be a candidate for Headmaster of Coastal, please ask the person’s permission to submit their name, get a resume` and give it to Charles Stayer. Also, feel free to share your concerns and questions with any member of the search team. We want to have an open process and will keep you informed as we go along.

My desire is to strengthen the relationship between First Baptist and Coastal Christian. We share the same space and some of the same people. The mission of the church is the mission of the school. We both want to influence the future for good through ministry to people. Let’s all be aware that we are on the same team. We are all serving our Lord. We are seeking the same goal.

Our greatest holiday is here- Easter. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was God’s masterpiece of miracles. Everything we believe and stand for depends on the resurrection. May your celebration of Jesus’ resurrection be the best you have ever had.

Pastor Ron

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