The goal of Volleyball on both Varsity and JV levels  is to grow and develop young women to be strong and confident,DSC_0273 and to utilize their God-given talents to the glory of God on the volleyball court.

This goal will be accomplished by increasing skill level as well as increasing the understanding of strategies and skills necessary to play and win. Through fundamental  technique  training  and strenuous practice, the girls will show continuous improvement and ability with the goal of being fully prepared to play and contribute on a varsity level.

Our success will be measured by growth in 4 areas:

  1. Spiritually: The girls will honor God with their bodies and show Christ-like behavior on and off the court. They will develop a love for the game and each other.
  2. Academically: The girls will become stewards of the game, learning strategy and techniques of play all the while maintaining academic eligibility through their classwork.
  3. Emotionally: The girls will demonstrate commitment to the team and each other and will demonstrate the fruits of the spirit to others.
  4. Physically: The girls will prepare, practice, and condition their bodies for game situations and honor God through their athleticism.


Our mission first and foremost is to develop young women to be the best they can be in the sport of volleyball. They will honor God on and off the court and impact others positively. Winning is important but is just a benefit of hard work and preparation and is not the only successful outcome.


Athletic Director – Linda Hollingsworth –