Drug Testing Policy

Drug testing may be required at the discretion of the administration in the case of suspected use of an illegal substance.  CCPS also conducts random drug testing of all students in grades 8th–12th.

Our main goal in random testing is prevention, so therefore an initial positive result in this case will not be expulsion but rather a proactive plan of support toward the student and family by the school.  There will be required mandatory counseling and follow up testing at the parent’s expense



All individual results will be confidential and specific information will only be known by the Head of School, Principal, Dean of Student’s, student, and parent.


All possible steps will be taken to assure privacy for individual students as the tests are being administered.

Repeated Incidences

Subsequent positive results can result in punitive action, including up to expulsion, if the behavior is deemed habitual or students and/or parents are not cooperative with administration.