Our goal is to build the best in every young man through a private school football program that shapes and strengthens the talents of each student-athlete.13892271_652237074928049_7615402174408992625_n (1)

Coastal Christian Prep maximizes the resources the Lord has provided to each athlete by training mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  As is stated in our mission below, we seek to instill these values through the game of football.

If you have questions please reach out to me.

Thank you and go Cougars!

Thomas King
Head Coach


Football Mission Statement

To inspire each other to glorify Christ on and off the field while striving to be champions

We do this by integrating our core values found here at Coastal Christian Preparatory School in conjunction with the vision of the church here at First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant. We will develop our players emotionally, spiritually, academically and physically.

  • Emotionally: Our coaches wish to provide an outlet, encourage our players to have a resolve to face their fears and replace them with a strong faith. We believe hard work, a determined spirit and God’s blessing can overcome any obstacle.
  • Spiritually: We will praise God for all of our many gifts, we will thank Him for the opportunities to prove ourselves on and off the field.
  • Academically: We will learn to prioritize. Playing football is a privilege given to us only after we have proven ourselves in the classroom.
  • Physically: Our body is our temple and we will break it down only to build it stronger, more efficient, and more effective. We will build our foundation with proper nutrition, fitness, agility and strength training.

Long after they leave the playing field, this is our goal in preparing our players for life.

Schedules subject to change, please see our Event Calendar for the most recent information.